dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Advertisement for JES! Towards a joint effort society -> Early birds catch the worm...

Preliminary note
‘But surely, you do not read all the manuscripts and papers which people send you,’ Paul Feyerabend stated. He was Professor of Philosophy at Berkeley, and his Against Method still inspires. ‘You throw most of them into the waste basket. I most certainly do. That means that I make my selection in a highly individual and idiosyncratic way, partly because I can’t be bothered to read what doesn’t interest me  - and my interests change from week to week and day to day – partly because I am convinced that humanity and even science will profit from everyone doing his own thing.’
Feyerabend probably was right. However, a society is more than the sum of all individuals in a specific area. That’s what we have been writing about: a joint effort society as a solution to many problems and issues. Come on, Let’s Join Efforts!

Early Bird Award

JES! Towards a joint effort society
 is available as e-book. Published at Leanpub, Vancouver, Canada.

One reviewer stated: 'JES! is more of a manifest or at least a book filled with ideas how to shape society. Fascinating, ambitious and worth reading.'  
JES! is the English follow-up of Allemaal Winnen (Only Winners, regional sustainable development – ecolution)

The book applies and furthers the ecolution approach that contains a conceptual framework, toolbox and matrix for sustainable development.
The joint effort society is a new political engagement model.

Until September 25th we can offer you an Early Bird download, lowering the minimum price from $6.99 to $5 (€3.74) 

It works like this:
You go to the JES! landing page and buy the book (pdf, e-pub & mobi)
There is a ‘coupon code’ field.
You type: Early bird 
Click here for the JES! landing page (https://leanpub.com/jes)
This is also the page to read a sample online or download the sample pdf.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in JES! We hope the book will inspire you to create the world you want to live in.
Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, comments and/or questions with us so we can continue to improve the work.

Best wishes,
Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking

Like what you see? Please help us spread the word and forward this message to your colleagues, friends and connections, so we can change the world together. THANX

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