maandag 15 maart 2010

It's cold out there - homeless asylum children

This Monday morning De Volkskrant, Dutch national paper, reports on asylum kids who are homeless, due to the way Immigration Services treats them and their parents.

We already knew this at nonfiXe, but now the European Committee for Social Rights knows it too and calls the Dutch government to the stand.

We already knew about homeless kids, out of experience. The most recent experience concerns Afrisinia, Ethiopian youth circus that asked for asylum in the Netherlands almost three years ago. Afrisinia is a group of 16 talented and ambitious young people (five of them underage, eleven youngsters in their twenties) who flew a suppressive regime, that harassed and sexually abused them. They came to find a life in liberty.

The procedure loving, we-can’t-help-it-we-do-our-job civil servants succeeded in frightening the youngsters by threatening to deport them back to the abusive authorities of their home country. For this, the Dutch government has to account too in Europe, at the European Court for Human Rights.

But, in the meanwhile, time passes and the youngsters, illegal now and without income (not allowed to work), are too afraid to perform, lose their confidence, run from the homes of people who offer shelter out of fear the police turns up to arrest them, and thus have to survive on the street.

It’s cold out there.

more on Afrisinia: this blog - - youtube, channel frankvanempel

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