woensdag 23 maart 2011

To all anonymous repliers

More and more people respond to the blog about the Libyan twittering activist, who suddenly fell still after intensive tweeting from Tripoli. The blasting silence scared many others and myself. What happened to him? Nobody seems to know.

Recently, reactions started to come in. ‘He is still out there’ as well as ‘They took him, we saw a picture of his body’. These reactions come in anonymous. And each and every one of them renders a piece of the puzzle, sometimes blurring it, but mostly giving new clues. Some people urge me to take all info from the net, as if Gaddafi is going to read my blog and find new things that lead him to …

The anonymous thing is what bothers me most. I don’t think my Tripoli friend will like it either; since he asked to retweet as much as possible, he seems to be a guy who chooses for openness and wants the world to know what is going on in his country, Libya.

So dear responders, if you like to share something with me, sign with your name. Should you – for whatever reason – want to abstain from having your comment published, just say so, and it will stay between the two of us. Do you want me to publish it, say so too, and we’ll look into it. As long as you sign your posts and we can reach you by email. A comment without a name is no comment and will be trashed, so it is a waste of time to even push the send button.

In the meantime I hope the Tripoli tweeter and his loved ones are all right and we will hear from him and from the other tweeters in Libya soon.
Although this is a personal blog, I can speak for nonfiXe in this matter: We, at nonfiXe, wish for the whole world to be free.


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