maandag 11 april 2011

A bamboozled patchwork dwelling - day 2

We have been hammering and pulling nails out of broken down picknick tables for two days now. Our hands are sore, turned black like the smoking chimney of an Industrial Age factory. It is quite a puzzle, to build a doghouse with scratches and pieces.
'Mabye this fits? No? Okay here is some other wood.' 'Ja! if we add ...' 'We need more nails.'

Addis' palace needs to be dry, safe and warm. We break our backs and crunch our brains on the construction. We fortify the walls with large trunks of leftover chestnut wood.

In the front there will be transparant plastic, so daylight can enter, when we need to clean the doghouse. The parts of the old cupboard we want to use for the roof are heavy and... not enough. Some additional shelves are sought for in the garden.

Is building with used materials really that sustainable?
Well, it takes time, a lot of time - at least with the materials we have - You have to like a bamboozled patchwork dwelling for result.
The sun is shining, the garden and the attic tidy up while hammering. And the dog will have its' personalised house, one no other dog in the world has.
It is fun. And fun, I am sure, is one of the most sustainable lifestyles


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