vrijdag 4 november 2011

The Earth's solution to climate change

Today's trip to Enkhuizen - bathing in November! sun - felt like a holiday, but as a matter of fact, was a visit to our good friend Eddy Wijnker who started a company to battle climate change the most simple way: GreenSand
Eddy, Mr Sandman we call him, went on retraite to China some years ago where he found the greyish and ample available rock that eats carbon dioxide. Especially when it is crunched the stone absorbs lots of greenhouse gas.
Surprisingly this discovery led him back to the Netherlands, to Professor Olaf Schuiling who has been researching olivine (the name of the stone) and who found out that olivine can very well be the Earth's solution to one of today's largest problems: climate change.
Just crunch it and mix it with ordinary sand; for the garden, on the pavement, at the beach, on a playground... Simple & cheap
Mr Sandman mixed science with enterpreneurship and mingled sand with olivine, breaking his back carrying loads of it around trying to convince builders, gardeners and ordinairy people of the benefits.
This week it seems he got his right. Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, nominated Professor Schuiling together with nine other innovating companies for the Virgin Earth Challenge and committed to supporting them in growing from niche to mainstream, because the innovation is so simple and so good.


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