woensdag 10 februari 2010

People on the move

When there is a hole, new content will fill it. And society nowadays is filled with holes, financially, ecologically and socially.

We created systems that we cannot control, inside the system covering all, which is the planet.
Big is vulnerable, because big is not maneuverable. Big, therefore, is no longer desirable. The time of large, shiny office buildings is over. Huge plants to produce more of the same are redundant. We don't want more of the same. We want to express ourselves as individuals, different from each other and: special! That is why we have avatars. That is why we think others are interested in our tweets. And surprisingly, they are. Even a cat can attract followers on twitter.

Individuals all over the world connect with kindred spirited people to work together. They are flexible and innovative. Their agility makes them quick. Emergency (socially, economically as well as ecologically) makes them alert and creative. The holes will be filled with new content and people are on the move looking for new frontiers. Frontiers that will be encountered. New challenges ahead. It is the dynamic we call life.

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