maandag 22 februari 2010

Sami in Norway, Sweden, Finnland and Russia

Europe has its own indigenous people among which, the Sami. Like the Kurds they live in four different countries. Reindeer herding is one of their specialties. The Nordic Museum in Stockholm pays attention to the Sami traditions and poses questions, like: Who was first?

Off course, in this case it was the Sami people.

But, who cares about who was first? It is more important who is in charge. That person, party or institute, needs to question him/her/themselves: do I have a mandate from the people? Do I serve or do I rule? Do I represent or dictate? At that point the difference between the Sami, the Dutch, the rest of Europe, vanishes.

We arrive at the questions: 'Whose story?' Who is going to tell my story? Mr Balkenende, Mr Bos, Mr Rouvout?

And: 'Whose law?' Who is going to write my law? Mr Wilders? Noooooooooooo! None of these men (where are the women in Dutch politics??) has the ability to write my laws and my stories. How then, can they ever reign over me??

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