woensdag 3 februari 2010

ECHR calls the Dutch government to account

The Dutch immigration law seems to be designed to give NO for an answer. This presupposition is supported (once again) by the way the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) treats the young members of youth circus Afrisinia. But in this case the European Court of Human Rights thinks it is time the Dutch government answers some questions.

The case of one of the acrobats versus the Netherlands is causing shame and scandal for the national government. The questions the European Court puts forward are such that asking is like saying: ‘You did a poor job’.

Afrisinia goes Europe

The ECHR politely asks the Dutch government if there has been any investigation at all on the subject of abuse, slavery and maltreatment of the youngsters.

This letter is a statement because the IND, obviously, never investigated anything. They have only been looking for procedures to send the acrobats and musicians back to a country where, at the very best, prison without trial awaits them.

The coming days the letter by the EHRM will be published on www.nonfixe.nl

Photo by: Gerard Damoiseaux

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