donderdag 27 januari 2011

Hell on earth

Cry!! Cry out loud!!

Sorry, I know it is not fashionable to be emotional. But sometimes one just is. I am tonight. Why? We sat down with 14 youngsters whose life is put on hold, for whom fear is daily routine. Fear to be sent back to a home country that will surely put them in jail if not kill them.

Yeah, I know. You think I am overreacting. But am I?

What is this? Why turn young peoples lives into hell? Because of borders? What business do they have with borders drawn ages ago? These people, young people, supposed to build a live, to access job markets with diploma’s, cannot move an inch. They are denied every little privilege (food, shelter, education..) our kids have, because they were born in the wrong country. Because old grey and academic educated men and women feel the need to protect their … their what?

We sincerely need to change our standards, our morals, our vision in the good old West, cause we are creating hell on earth.


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