zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Power to empower

Women emancipation is partly due to innovations. Because of light bulbs, gas cookers and washing machines women who used to spend their days taking care of their household got more time on their hands. Time to spend on study, a paid job or reading a book.

All these electrical devices are part of the energy problem we face. Especially since people in emerging economies want their piece of the cake too. They too yearn for cars, television sets, personal computers, I phones et cetera. And they are right. Maybe more than most realise, because these devices are more than luxury, they are emancipators.

Until the devices become gadgets and one wants a second, third, a newer, more brilliant phone, laptop, a larger television and so on, the technological inventions the first world is so used too, are a fast way to empower, to spread education and information.
That is why electricity is so damn important. The promise of de-central, renewable energy generation and access to technology is empowerment.


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