donderdag 17 februari 2011

Egypt's double faced military

Minutes ago Amnesty International tweeted about protestors who were abused and tortured by Egyptian military in the last days of Mubaraks' rule. AI writes: 'Egyptian Protesters Released from Detention Describe Torture in Military Custody'.
During the 18 days the former leader of the country needed to safe haven his absurd fortune - which can add up to $ 70 billion, 1/3 of the Egyptian economy - military arrested, detained and severely traumatised demonstrators for freedom claiming they were traitors.
Now the military states it will listen to the Egyptian people and make sure its' demands for democracy will be met. A swift change of attitude.
What is going on in the army? How schizophrenic can one be?
Let us hope for the best, but stay alert on what they are really offering.

Update March 3: Human Right Watch published an alarming report: Military trials of civilians The world has to stay alert, although Syria is burning now and probably other countries will follow. One stand up doesn't make a change, democracy asks for perseverence and watchfullness.


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