zaterdag 30 januari 2010

5 dogs and 1 cat

Five dogs and a cat lay at peace in one room. How come? Everybody being tired, helps. But... mutual trust and the understanding that the other one is another one and therefore a different one, works even better. 'Let it be', the Beatles sang. That is just what they do.

The next step is working together. For example, to get food. Asking as a group, all six of them at the same time, is more likely to convince their humans to get up from the chair and give it.

Oh, now you think they eat every day at six o' clock and they are conditioned to get their meals at that time. For these poor animals, this is not the case. Every day is a different day, with a different rhythm.

Instinct drives them. A slight move, a touch of a smile, they know when it is the right time to get what they want and they feel that cooperating enlarges the chance to reach the goal.

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