zondag 17 januari 2010

Afrisinia wants freedom

Ethiopian Youthcircus Afrisinia looking for freedom

Sixteen young acrobats and musicians, all born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, asked almost 3 years ago for asylum in the Netherlands. Looking to escape a dictatorial regime. 'We want freedom', one of the contortionists explained.

More on Afrisinia: www.nonfixe.nl

In stead of freedom, they are being chased by the Dutch authorities, who are eager to deport some of the groupmembers back to Ethiopia, where most likely long emprisonment and abuse awaits these youngsters.

Some of them, not the whole group will be deported! Although all young artists told the same story to the Dutch immigration service. Funny there are different outcomes. Even more 'funny' is that judges only check if the procedure (form) is completed in a correct way and are not supposed to look at the story itself.

More on Afrisinia: youtube, channel: frankvanempel

We, at nonfiXe, believe in the freedom of movement and in the power to differ. We are strongly convinced that people, all people, have equal rights to travel, work and live in peace where they want.

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