donderdag 28 januari 2010

Nota 0 house

We just had Henk Seinen over for lunch. A large, sparkly blue-eyed passionate man from the north of Holland. Henk is a builder, or more accurately, a connector of builders, producers, financers, habitants and everybody involved in making a home and living in it. His passion is sustainability. He is eager to leave the world a lot better than he entered it.

Long lasting
His newest passion is the Nota 0 house. A home that produces energy during daytime, has a healthy interior climate and is erected in wood. 'Our buildings in wood last longer than most concrete houses. They are healthier to live in and they don't pass the bill to the next generation. I want to build for everybody and we succeed in keeping the costs extremely low,' he claims.

Storage and exchange
The Nota 0 house has an ingenious system of solar panels on the roof that provides heat (which is stored underneath in a large tank) and electricity, which is delivered to the net. At night, when the sun is asleep, the net provides the power for light and electric devices. The net functions like a kind of battery: one puts the energy on it when there is a surplus and when more is needed than produced, one takes from the net. At the end of the month the electricity company sends a bill which sums up to ZERO. Wonder if they like that.

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