donderdag 1 april 2010

Jokes, rules or regulations? 1 april

Control freaks & uptight civil servants love The Rules. They make it their life’s goal to maintain sterile regulations without looking at a person or a situation. They forgot that rules are made for people.

‘These are the rules, Madam. I can’t help it. We have to live by the rules, no matter what.’ Never question. Never doubt. Just follow.

Imagine the panic that arouses when the rest of the people openly decide to break with stupid rules.

A friend was summoned by the police to drive her car to the police station. ‘Take it easy, little missy’, the twenty years younger, first beard growing official said to her. ‘You parked your car against somebody else’s. Just admit.’ ‘No, I did not’, she claimed. ‘If I did that, I would have put a note behind the windscreen of the other car leaving my name and telephone number.’ ‘Can I have a look at your car?’ ‘Be my guest. Live your life and party,’ she replied. The adolescent policemen scrutiny searched her Volvo. He found no marks of scratching. He was confused, because… somebody put a note on the wretched neighbour car in the parking lot, claiming she hit it. The anonymous note writer could not be wrong. It was on paper!

‘Okay, I see no damage on your car, we will not subpoena. It shall be an insurance matter.’ ‘But I never hit another car.’ ‘Well, missy, women behind a steering wheel can cause accidents. We all know about that.’ ‘I did not hit another car!’

A few weeks later the insurance company called her: fraud… Somebody tried to put the blame for an old car injury on her. No apologies from the police however. While they let her come to the station, taking hours of her time and never believed her… April 1?

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