maandag 24 oktober 2011

From Libya in fear

Underneath post was deleted from this blog after requests from Libyan Freedom Fighters and their supporters. Now Libya is free! The text explains on the worldwide anxiousness for people in hazardous situations and how others - strangers - look out for them.

Finally there is news from Tripoli tweeters again. They are still alive and one of them found his way to the Internet once more. For his friend things are rough, he is still in silence but living. Twitter is blazing with relief. ‘I have a lot to say, but I’ll be back later,’ the message aired some 13 hours ago after weeks of silence. So we wait, one eye on the timeline, praying for good news from people we’ve grown attached too and hoping for sincere reports on the situation in Tripoli.

Apart from relief, there is doubt to be read in tweets of some followers, the struggle between heart and head, is this really Abukhit, or did someone hack his account? It wouldn’t be the first hoax. Liliane Khalil writes in Duped! Who is Operation Libya? how she was conned into donating (and asking others to donate) money for a Libyan that did not exist: ‘Further investigation today has led me to conclude that there was never a Khalid Alghirani, a Zainab, a Mohammed, or a cousin Abdul Basit. In fact, the funds raised by Operation Libya have most likely went to the pockets of a criminal who was successful in duping me and countless others who gave far too much trust to a single Twitter account.’

Further on in the article Liliane Khalil reaches the same conclusion like I do: There are criminals trying to counterfeit every where, but this does not mean that there are no Khalids, Zainabs, Mohammeds and Abduls in Libya who need support from the outside world, from us.
The freedom tweeters don’t ask for any funding. They ask for the world to see what is going on in their country. They cry for peace and liberty. Any person demanding peace and liberty has a right to be supported. The Tripoli guys earned that right starting the beginning of the Libyan revolution.
If anyone stole the reviving account, we’ll find out soon enough. Now we eagerly watch our timelines for his and his friend’s messages, wishing them health and safety, supporting them from miles away, in thoughts, blogs and tweets.

nonfiXe on Libya and her freedomtweeters:
March 6 2011
To all anonymous repliers, March 23 2011

All names and personal information are deleted from this blog on May 8th 2011


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