zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

From De Gruyter Fabriek & Everywhere Feet Touch Ground

So there is a new office, since yesterday, the last day of September. It still is empty, but the ceiling is heigh and sun enters through the windows. It is small, but has nice neighbours and a good catering! People officing next door produce things such as books and websites, paintings and theatre productions or interior design. Together we inhabit the place. nonfiXe is going to participate, with paintings, films, music and stories of course.
De Gruyter Fabriek is industrial heritage - just watch the photo above - and retrofitted to suite creative businesses in Den Bosch. De Gruyter Fabriek used to produce hagelslag and all different kinds of household products from cleaning to cooking. A bit taggy, yes.
VIBA friends, Jan & Karel, become neighbours and we'll go on writing and publishing from there, as well as from here, as well as from everywhere (our) feet touch ground.
Been quiet for some time, but busy. Writing about the POWER programme of the EU and some other green stuff, preparing Wat de Hel! (roman) and some other exiting stuff that has to do with the Arab Spring. It'll come out soon.... for better or worse ;)

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