donderdag 12 januari 2012

Stop Assad! No more killing in Syria - a petition from Avaaz

Just signed a petition and accordingly sent an email to Russian's president, Mr Medvedev, to stop Syria's bloodshed NOW. Think it is time the world's leaders come to understand that they are there for us instead of vice versa. Should you want to join the petition, here is the link.

Dear Mr Medvedev,
As you probably acknowledge by now: Ancient oppressive politics are past time. People, individuals, have become mature, independent and are connected. We, the people of the Earth, will no longer accept slaughter, oppression or slavery. Nowhere on this planet. We are perfectly capable of deciding for ourselves what is right. Our leaders need to be our servants and good democratic guides.
If not we will topple them. Just like that, without violence - we are fed up with violence - but stronger then any dictators' army. The killing in Syria has to end NOW. The regime of Assad needs to be prosecuted for its crimes, and it will with or without other politicians' consent. Russia's leaders too will encounter the power of the people, soft, persistent and effective. Do not chose the wrong side. Wishing you all the wisdom and humanity required for your job

Sincerly, Caro Sicking

image: Arrest Syria's torturers


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